Day 1-April 28 (Wed), 2021
Plenary 1 – Keynote Lecture 09:30-10:30
Routes of spread in cancers of the head and neckKyung-Hoe Huh (South Korea)
Invited Session 01 (Osteoporosis, MRONJ)11:00-12:00
Osteoporosis and jaw bones- recent developmentAkira Taguchi (Japan)
MRONJ: The biology of the disease and imaging the biologySanjay Mohan Mallya (USA)
Invited Session 02 (AI, Age estimation)13:00-15:00
Artificial intelligence: what does it mean for maxillofacial radiology and dentistry?Donald Alton Tyndall (USA)
Machine learning and artificial intelligence in oral and maxillofacial imaging analysisJie Yang (USA)
Age estimation and the role of dental imagingJanhom Apirum (Thailand)
Artificial intelligence and deep learning in dentomaxillofacial radiologyKaan Orhan (Turkey)
Invited Session 03 (CBCT)15:30-17:30
How CBCT can enhance diagnosisDavid Stanislaw MacDonald (Canada)
The role of CBCT in endodontics-bridging basic research and clinical applicationMing-Gene Tu (Chinese Taipei)
Patient motion as a challenge in CBCT-quality: what do we know in 2021 and which solutions are foreseeableRalf Kurt Willy Schulze (Germany)
The current issue of CBCT utilization in IndonesiaMenik Priaminiarti (Indonesia)
Day 2-April 29 (Thu), 2021
Plenary 2 – Keynote Lecture09:00-10:00
“You’ll Learn” – words from a mentorSharon Lynn Brooks (USA)
Special Lecture 113:00-14:00
Detection of undiagnosed type II diabetes on cone beam CT imagesDale Allan Miles (USA)
Special Lecture 214:00-15:00
Cone beam CT: how did it all start?Yoshinori Arai (Japan)
Day 3-April 29 (Fri), 2021
Plenary 3 – Keynote Lecture09:00-10:00
The artificial wonders of planning and printingReinhilde Jacobs (Belgium)
Invited Session 04 (Pathology, Diagnosis)10:20-12:20
MRI protocols based on the clinical manifestations of the patient with TMJ dysfunctionAdalsa Hernandez (Venezuela)
MRI characteristics of tumors and cysts of the jawTohru Kurabayashi (Japan)
Image diagnosis and radiation therapy for tongue cancerShumei Murakami (Japan)
Diagnosis of peri-implant bone diseaese - 2D or 3D?Michael M. Bornstein (Switzerland)
Invited Session 05 (Imaging tool)13:20-15:20
The role of 3D imaging methods in digital dentistryArthur Rodriguez Gonzalez Cortes (Malta)
The diagnostic use of ultrasound in dentistryJo-eun Kim (South Korea)
Video fluoroscopic assessment of function within DMFREva Levring Jaghagen (Sweden)
Dental maxillofacial, head and neck ultrasound – a beginner’s guides, tips and pitfallsRose Ngu (United Kingdom)
Day 4-May 1 (Sat), 2021
Plenary 4 – Keynote Lecture09:00-10:00
Importance of dento-maxillo-facial radiographic examinations for the patients with systemic diseasesMasahiro Iikubo (Japan)
Invited Session 06 (Radiation Protection, etc.)10:20-11:50
Does accumulated radiation dose from dental X-ray examinations increase potential DNA damage?Gang Li (China)
Aspects of radiation protection in dentistryAlejandro Hidalgo (Chile)
Cephalometric assessment of eustachian tube parameters and their association with hearing statusSunali Khanna (India)