Dear IADMFR members and colleagues,


I took over the presidency of IADMFR from President Jie Yang on August 25 after the 22nd ICDMFR in Philadelphia. First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting the 23rd ICDMFR homepage.

The 23rd Congress of IADMFR (ICDMFR) will take place in Gwangju, South Korea from April 28 to May 1, 2021. The pre-congress will be held on April 27th.

Theme of congress is “Reading and Leading Dentistry”.

The host city of the 23rd ICDMFR is Gwangju, not Seoul. Because the 10th Congress was held in Seoul in 1994, this time Seoul was excluded. We have reviewed the various conditions necessary for holding Congress in many cities in Korea. Finally, Gwangju was selected.

Gwangju is a city where Korean traditions are well preserved and is also known as hometown of traditional arts. Everyone participating in the congress will be able to experience the authentic and impressive culture. Also, Gwangju is the only city with two dental schools except Seoul. For reference, there are three in Seoul.

We haven't confirmed the detailed schedule yet, but the big framework of the Congress schedule is fixed as follows.

April 26 (Monday): Board meeting

April 27 (Tuesday): Pre-congress scientific meeting in the morning
                           Pre-congresstour in the afternoon to Damyang Juknokwon (bamboo garden)
                           ( Sorry, but it's only in Korean)

April 28 (Wednesday): Opening Ceremony in the morning,
                               Welcome reception in the evening

April 29 (Thursday): Congress tour in the afternoon to Suncheonman Wetland (colony of reeds)

April 30 (Friday): Gala Dinner in the evening at Ogaheon (traditional Korean house)

May 1 (Saturday): Closing Ceremony at noon

We will keep youinformed of upcoming schedules and issues via the congress homepage (

I sincerely invite all of you to the 23rd Gwangju Congress of IADMFR in 2021.

Please come and share your academic knowledge, build friendships between members and colleagues, and enjoy Korean culture and nature.

Thank you.



                                                                                             Soon-Chul Choi

                                                                                             President, IADMFR